Glimpses from Chennai

Bodil’s Visit January 2018
Arrival in Chennai:
00 Bodil's visit 2018
It was great to have the visit of Bodil. We received her from
the airport at Chennai with usual joy on the 8th January
2018. The mission of her visit started just after a small
break. Yes we had to walk here and there in the evening
bazaar of Chennai as the bees collecting honey in purchase
of the materials that will help the marginalized children in
support of their education.01 Bodil's visit 2018

We purchased kitchen utensils and
learning materials for Park Town Mission
School, Play materials and drinking water
storage steel drums for ALC Children
Boarding Home Suviseshapuram, special
gift for Vidiyal Women group members at
Siloam, Tirukoilur and educational aid and
materials to the children, and to the young02 Bodil's visit 2018

women at tailoring Institute of Dawn Institute of Rural Development.
03 Bodil's visit 2018
All the materials
were carried by head, hands and shoulders by three of us.
Visit to Park Town Mission School Hostel:
Though it was tiring, the interest
showed by Bodil enthused us to go
further and we went to visit the
children from the city slums and the
street dwelling families stay in the
hostel run by us at Park Town mission School in the
same evening. Just seeing the joyful smiling faces of the04 Bodil's visit 2018

children refreshed us. Warm welcome was extended to Bodil and after handing over
the gift, fun games for eating noodle like long chocolate and blowing the balloons
and burst them were conducted. The evening at school was very much moving and
both the children and the staff together with visitors had wonderful and happy
Visit to ALC Children Boarding Home,
Suviseshapuram:05 Bodil's visit 2018

After the overnight stay at our hostel in
Vepery Chennai, we started our travel to
Tirukoilur on the 9th and on our way
stopped at ALC Children Home and
School at Suviseshapuram. We are able
to meet the hostel children to give the gift
of all the play materials and water storage
drums. The moment children received the materials whole situation
was changed and the place become very noisy and very busy with06 Bodil's visit 2018

using all the play things. Bodil also remembered the day in which
she donated the goats to the women group of Suviseshapuram
Children and the staff expressed the joy and thanked Bodil and Novo Nordisk
wholeheartedly for the very meaningful gift that will inspire them for good learning.
Visiting Siloam and Anna Nagar Women Groups:
The meeting with the Siloam and Thasarpuram (Anna Nagar) women groups was
held on the 10th. As the relationship existed for years the meeting was very moving
experience for both ie group members (40 in total) and Bodil. Warm welcome was
extended to with grateful heart. The fellowship had usual fun mixed activities. Later
everyone got a very useful kitchenware.
Visit to Dawn Institute of Rural Development:07 Bodil's visit 2018

DiorDet (Dawn Institute of Rural
Development) was visited during 11th and
12th The visit started on the 11th with
meeting of the staff, The discussion with the
staff was helpful to get more information on
the intervention by DiorDet. Later two of the
six evening study centres were visited.
Children showed all their records from their
class work and presented a small dialogue session to show
their English speaking skill. Action songs and fun games and
competitions with noodle chocolate and balloons made the visit
livelier.08 Bodil's visit 2018

Visit to Else Krog Skill training
centre for youth empowerment:
Else Krog Skill Training Centre for Youth
Empowerment was visited on the 12th. A
warm welcome was extended with a
traditional way that denotes the local
The young women at the tailoring centre
proudly showed the dress made by them,
Bodil appreciated the progress of the Else09 Bodil's visit 2018

Krog skill training centre’s tailoring unit and
congratulated the second batch of students
for making use of the opportunity that will
provide them the economic empowerment.
She also had the chance of meeting the
students from the first batch and visited
their business establishment. They saidthe skill learnt by them from the tailoring19 Bodil's visit 2018

centre help to get regular income to meet
their family need. She also gave some
cash donation for the improvement of all
the activities.
Visit in total was very inspiring and
her effort to get some financial in support of all the above

Our sincere thanks to Bodil
change making efforts.
for all

23a Bodil's visit 2018